The image of your event can really sell it. So, we want your event to look awesome to our members. 

We love big, beautiful, dynamic photographs which tell the story about your event and get our members excited to attend. So rather than typical flyers or posters, the events that engage best have professionally-shot photos of the event in action. 

Here are some photo tips:

  1. We prefer photos of your event with people featured in the image. So, ideally an image of the event in action like actors on stage, musicians at a concert, comedian in front a crowd, or people enjoying the event. 
  2. The image must be landscape and 3:1 width/height ratio.
  3. The ideal size for photos is high resolution images 1200px width by 400px height. This will ensure that the photo will look great on all devices. 

We do not use images with text or graphics (like posters or flyers) - these tend to be too difficult to read at small sizes.

You can find more detailed guidelines here.

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