With the FreeTix Plan, you can book tickets to any of the 3 new events we offer daily here.

How Does FreeTix Work?
Each month you’ll receive 10 tokens to book select last-minute events. You can also EARN tokens by voting on events each day.

What Kind of Events are Offered on FreeTix?
Each day we’ll offer three events from the hundreds of experiences available on RushTix. You’ll get access to theater, concerts, comedy, dance, and more! Here are today’s FreeTix.

How Does Voting Work?
You can vote either “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to let us know your thoughts on an event. Each vote earns you 1 token, so you can earn 3 tokens a day. That’s about 90 tokens a month. Voting helps us offer better curation for the community, so let us know what you really think!

How Do I Vote for Events?
Each day we’ll have three new events to vote on AND book! Even if you don’t book, you can ALWAYS vote.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Tokens?
If you need more tokens, you can purchase one of our low-priced plans.

What If I Want to Book Something Else on the Site?
If you want to have more choices just purchase one of our thrifty-priced plans and the world is your oyster!

Are There Other Ways to Earn Tokens?
Yes! You can earn 5 tokens for reviewing an event you attended. And 5 tokens for each Curation Community survey.

Can I Invite Friends?
Absolutely! But please note this is a limited beta and we accept new people in batches, so invite them quickly.

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